The Hot Topic in Hair

The Hot Topic in Hair

Dyson Supersonic™ Dryer has everyone talking.

“The hair dryer re-thought”


Turns out that thought was what we had all been thinking ???????? fast drying whilst preventing heat damage, simplifying styling, comfortable and easy to use. It’s not hard to see how this revolutionary dryer is talk of the hair town.
So what makes it so special? The technology behind this dryer is what sets it apart from the rest.

Controlled high velocity airflow, with 3 precise speed and 4 precise heat settings, accelerates drying time. But don’t sweat it, the air temperature is measured 20x per second to prevent extreme heat damage.Protecting the hair to help maintain its natural shine.

Styling is made easy with negative ions to reduce static and 3 magnetic attachments created with cool touch technology for quick change over without the hot hands. Think smoothing and diffusing, and the ability to concentrate on one section at a time without disturbing the rest of the hair.


Sore arm, those with lots of luscious locks will understand that dead arm feeling. Well for you, this may be the best part, this dryer is balanced for comfortable use with the motor relocated to the handle. But that’s not the only thing different about this motor. Tuned to produce an inaudible frequency it’s like no other dryer.

If you have joined the supersonic revolution we would love to hear what you think.

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