Summer Bronzed with Tuscan Tan

Get your tan with Tuscan Tan on as the weather warms up!


We can help you meet all your tanning needs with Tuscan Tans complete range of tanning options!

Alongside the classic 8hr and rapid spray tans, we have available the Full Self Tan Mousse, Gradual Self Tan and tan applicator mitts for D.I.Y at home tanning!

self-tan-full-self-tan-mousse-150ml-1 self-tan-gradual-self-tan-mousse-180ml-1_600xtanning-accessories-self-tan-application-mitt-1

For maintenance, make sure to have the tinted tan extender, pH balancing skin wash and the facial tanning serum to keep your tan looking fresh for longer!

tan-maintenance-tinted-tan-extender-250ml-1 self-tan-facial-tanning-serum-30ml-1tan-maintenance-ph-balanced-skin-wash-250ml-1

And lastly to completely remove old tan before reapplying a new one, the tan removal mitt and sugar scrub with gently and effectively remove all traces leaving your skin smooth and fresh again.

tuscantan_mitt tuscan-tan-exfoliating-sugar-scrub

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